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About Tour Guides Peru

TOUR GUIDES PERU, We make the arrangements for our customer including itineraries, making reservations, bookings for hotels, tour guides, drivers, restaurants and any other arrangements that are required. All of your email enquiries come directly to me, an We guarantee that your emails will be replied to within 48hrs.

We are  licensed guide & knowledgeable host, well-versed in the culture, flora, fauna and history of my country. We will ensure you learn a great deal about the destination you’re experiencing. We are trained in outdoor first aid, passionate about providing you with an incredible experience and will keep you well fed, housed, and watered. As a local tour guides It’s important to us that we run a safe and well-managed trip. We will make sure everything is going well behind the scenes to ensure you can relax and enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

Tell us why you would be a great TOUR GUIDES PERU!

Because We were born in the area We know History, Culture, Art, Flora, Fauna everything in the area dating back for more than 10 generations in the area.

  • We are curious about the surroundings and likes to learn about new things bringing by the customers that come to my country, I am also curious about meeting new people and my three main qualities that make me a good local guide is:
  • We are sensitive to the needs of others.
  • We are well organized.
  • We have lot of knowledge of the local area.
  • We are funny !!

It is very important for us to be in continuous training and updated with the new information, We think is the best way to improve. We have more than 17 years of experience conducting tours with groups in Machupicchu, Cusco, Puno, Ayacucho and Lima and some other cities that host important touristic attractions. Tour Guides Peru assures that all the services offered by us have always high standards of quality, which characterized our work.

Tour Guides Peru

Travel is all about new experiences. No matter where you’re going, tour guides peru gives you opportunity to get a real feel of the culture. Meet up with a local for a coffee or beer, find travel companions to share the journey. Tour Guides Peru makes it easy to arrange your trip directly with the person organizing it rather than a travel agent reselling it at a higher cost. BEST TOUR GUIDES PERU is the largest local guide team connecting travelers and locals.