Hidden Salcantay & Inca Trail Journey – 6 days


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Mountains, forests and Inca ruins on the road
to Machu Picchu:
This trek is as beautiful with even more variety; from icy
glaciers to steaming tropical forest in addition to the vestiges of Inca culture you’ll
see life as it is lived in the mountains on farmsteads and in tiny hamlets. The first 2
days of this exhilarating hike are the most challenging, as you hike around the skirts
of ice-capped Mount Salcantay (6271m/20568ft), we go over a high pass to continue
on a back-country trail, rocky in places until we join the famed Inca Trail.

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Day by Day Itinerary

* Price based in sharing one tent 2 people

Type Service: Privately Guided
Itinerary: Fixed
Destinations: Cuzco, Machu Picchu
Activities: Trekking and Walking,Cultural and History

Day 1 – Cusco / Cruzpata / Salcantaypampa

Pick up from the Hotel at 5:00am private transport
from to Cruzpata 4 hours. We cross the town of Limatambo (2100m/6888ft), then
drive up a beaten track along the right shore of the Apurimac River, to reach
Mollepata (2800m/9184ft), from where we continue on to Cruzpata (3100m/10168ft),
where we meet our horsemen and horses. From this point we start the ascent on
foot towards Soraypampa, following a climbing trail with many level variations and
along which we encounter little groups of houses, flora and small wild birds. We
arrive at our campsite in Salkantaypampa (3895m/12776ft). From here we can
appreciate the majestic Salkantay (6271m/20569ft).
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Total distance: 10 km (6, 21 miles)
Estimated walking time: 5-6 hours
Maximum altitude point: (3850m/12628ft)

Day 2 – Salkantaypampa / Pampacahuana

Breakfast; we continue our hike to start the four-hour
steep climb towards the Incachiriasca pass (4850m/15908ft), the highest of the
entire route, offering impressive views of the Salkantay snow peak. We then
descend towards our lunch spot at Sisaypampa, a flat area from which one can
observe the Salkantay´s neighboring valleys (it is possible that you will see condors
in this area). After lunch we continue towards the Pampacahuana community,
located next to an original Inca canal, where we set our second camp and spend the
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Total distance: 14 km (8, 70 miles)
Estimated walking time: 6-7 hours
Maximum altitude point: (4850m/15908ft)

Day 3 – Pampacahuana / Llulluchapampa

Breakfast; start a downhill walk along the shores of
the Pampacahuana River following its course towards the Wayllabamba
(3000m/9840ft). On the way down we visit the Incaracay archaeological complex.
After approximately 4 hours, we arrive to Wayllabamba, where we stop for lunch.
This is the point in which our trek joins the Inca Trail. Since pack animals are not
allowed in the Inca Trail, we say goodbye to our horsemen and instead, are
introduced to our group of porters. We leave Wayllabamba to until Llulluchapampa
(3850m/12628ft), where we camp and spend the night. Along the climb, the
landscape changes from sierra to puna, having the chance to spot domesticated
llamas and alpacas grazing on ichu
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Total distance: 14 km (8, 70 miles)
Estimated walking time: 6-7 hours
Maximum altitude point: (3850m/12628ft)

Day 4 – Llulluchapampa / Chaquiqocha

Breakfast; hike up the highest point in the Inca Trail,
reaching the mountain pass of Abra Warmihuañusca (4200m/13776ft) after about 2
hours. Immediately after the pass, we descend into the Pacaymayo valley
(3600m/11808ft), from which we then continue to climb to the second pass, the Abra
Runkurakay (3970m/13022ft). Halfway up, we stop to visit the archaeological
complex with the same name. This site, located at 3800m/12464ft, consists of a
small oval structure that is believed to have served the purpose of a watchtower. After going over the pass, we descend towards Yanacocha and enter the cloud
forest to finally arrive at Sayacmarca (3624m/11887ft). This is a beautiful complex
made up of a semicircular construction, enclosures at different levels, narrow streets,
liturgical fountains, patios and irrigation canals. Only 20 minutes away is
Chaquicocha, where we will set our camp.
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Total distance: 12 km (7, 45 miles)
Estimated walking time: 6-7 hours
Maximum altitude point: (4200m/13776ft)

Day 5 – Chaquiqocha / Wiñay Wayna

Breakfast; continue up an easy climb, to arrive at the
third pass, Phuyupatamarca (3700m/12136ft). Along this climb we can appreciate
the magnitude of the Incas´ ancient craft, by walking along paths semi-detached
from the mountain, and seeing rocks that fill up ravines in perfect order, saving the
trail from the multileveled Andean geography. We go through an Inca tunnel to later
arrive at the aforementioned pass and down to the complex of the same name.
Phyupatamarca means “town over the clouds”. From above, one can observe a
sophisticated sacred complex made up of water fountains with solid foundations, and
also impressive views of the Urubamba River valley and the long descending stone
steps along which we will continue on to Wiñaywayna (2650m/8692ft) where we
spend the night.
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Total distance: 14 km (8, 70 miles)
Estimated walking time: 6-7 hours
Maximum altitude point: 3,900 m (12,792 ft)

Day 6 – Wiñay wayna / Machu Picchu

Breakfast very early; we wake up at 4:00am an hour
later and climb to the Inti Punku (Sun Gate) from this fabulous spot, we may see the
sunrise over the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu 2,400 m (7,872 ft). From here we
descend into Machu Picchu, 40 minutes later we enter the citadel from the highest
point through the “House of the Guardians”. We then descend to the control point
where we register ourselves and leave our backpacks. We immediately begin a
complete guided tour of the Inca citadel that will take approximately two hours. You
will then have free time to walk around, climb the Wayna Picchu Mountain, where
one can experience spectacular views of all of Machu Picchu, the valleys and
mountains that surround it, or visit the Temple of the Moon or the impressive Inca
Bridge. In the afternoon, we meet in the town of Aguas Calientes where we take the
train back to Poroy Train Station and transfer to your Cusco hotel
Meals Included: Breakfast
Total distance: 4 km (2, 49 miles)
Estimated walking time: 2 hours
Maximum altitude point: 2,700 m (8,829 ft)

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